GWR 9103 Nondescript Saloon

GWR 9103 Nondescript Saloon
GWR G58 third saloon 9103 at Highley.jpg
GWR 9103 Nondescript Saloon
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 9103
Built 1929
Designed By Collett
Diagram G58
Lot 1400
Type Nondescript, BTO
Length 58ft 4¼in
Weight 38t 0cwt
Seats 44 unclassified (as built)
1972 Preserved on SVR
2013 Returned to service


9103 is the final Collett version of the Churchward prototype 1912 ‘toplight’ nondescript saloon 9055, and is one of a batch of ten built in 1929. Like 9055 and 9369, it seated 44 passengers in two saloons with a side-corridor connection and was used for private hire, the term ‘nondescript’ signifying it was not allocated to any one specific class such as first or third. The Collett version displays the characteristics of the GWR ‘bow-ended’ era, without the ‘toplight’ windows of the prototype.

Following withdrawal in the early 1960s, 9103 became part of the “Westward Television Train”, an exhibition train which visited 22 towns to publicise the opening of Westward Television in 1961.[1] It arrived at Bewdley on 29 January 1972, having been privately purchased from Danygraig, Swansea, and was returned to service in 2013. The high quality restoration of the coach resulted in the Heritage Railway Association winning the title of Overall Winner in the Carriage and Wagon category of the Heritage Railway Association Awards in November 2015.[2]

9103 is owned by The Great Western (SVR) Association and is in service, normally appearing in the GWR2 set. It is finished in GWR 1928-34 chocolate and cream livery featuring the ‘coat of arms’ logo.

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