GWR 829 Full Third

GWR 829 Full Third
GWR 829 20200919.jpg
GWR 829 Full Third
Built By BR(W) Swindon
Status In use
Number 829
Other numbers W829, W829W
Built 1948
Designed By Hawksworth
Diagram C82
Lot 1691
Type TK
Length 64ft 0in
Weight 31t 14cwt
Seats 64 third
1968 Entered preservation on SVR


GWR Hawksworth Corridor Third (TK) No 829 was ordered by the GWR before nationalisation, but completed at the Swindon works by BR in 1948 as lot no 1691 to diagram C82. In comparison with the "Later Collett" carriages (which preceeded them!), the Hawksworth carriages can be distinguished by the sloping ended roof profile, while the length was also increased by 3ft to 64 ft. The Corridor Third seated 64 passengers.

829 was purchased direct from passenger service, arriving from Didcot on 23 August 1968. In 1978-80 it received a major bodywork overhaul by a full time gang funded by the Manpower Services Commission, including replacement of all galvanised steel side and end panels, roof repairs, reglazing, internal varnishing and seat upholstery. After a spell in Bewdley Paintshop it emerged in full GWR Hawksworth livery just in time to attend the Rocket 150 cavalcades at Rainhill in 1980. In true Severn Valley tradition final finishing of the compartment interiors was carried out at Bold Colliery, St Helens in the week before the Rainhill parade.

829 is in service and normally used in set GW. It is finished in GWR 1942-1947 livery, featuring the coat of arms flanked by 'GREAT' and 'WESTERN'. It is owned by The Great Western (SVR) Association.

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