GWR 6562 Brake Composite

GWR 6562 Brake Composite
6562 20170923.jpg
GWR 6562 Brake Composite
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 6562
Other numbers W6562W, 99238
Built 1938
Designed By Collett
Diagram E159
Lot 1589
Type BCK
Length 60ft 11¼in
Weight 31t 11cwt
Seats 12 first, 32 third
1967 Preserved on SVR
2017 Returned from overhaul which began in 2015


GWR 6562 is a Brake Composite (BCK). The term ‘composite’ refers to a carriage having more than one class of seating, in this case two first class and four third class compartments, together with two lavatories and a small guard’s compartment.



6562 was built at Swindon in October 1938 as lot number 1589 to diagram E159. It later carried the number 99238, signifying hauled non-passenger carrying use.[1] Its working life ended at Ashton Gate, near Bristol.[2]


6562 is the longest serving coach on the SVR, being the only one still present of the first four which arrived at Bridgnorth on 25 March 1967 behind locomotive GWR 3205. It was acquired by The Great Western (SVR) Association from owner Mr D R Gwynne-Williams in autumn 1975.[3] The other three original coaches, numbers 3755, 3756 and 7285, were among eight owned by Mr Gwynne-Williams which left the SVR in 1976 and are now at Didcot.

6562 was the first coach to be restored to its original GWR livery at Bewdley.[2] One of its first duties was on 2 October 1968, when the Inspector appointed by the Minister of Transport to hold the Public Inquiry into the granting of the Light Railway Order inspected the line from Bridgnorth to Bewdley. 6562 formed part of the train hauled by 3205. The following year 3205 and coaches including 6562 visited Tyseley for an exhibition, travelling by rail via Worcester, Honeybourne, Stratford-upon-Avon and Henley-in-Arden.[4]

6562 received a repaint in 1976[5], after which it was used in the GWR rake of carriages used on the main line in the 1970s. In 1978 it required repairs after suffering damage to both headstocks in a collision.[6]

A heavy overhaul was carried out in 1984-85 including complete repanelling, repaint and lining out. The seats were also re-upholstered. In 1989 the bogies were changed after the wheels had become below minimum size.[7] Further attention to the paint and upholstery then took place in 1998-99.[8]

Apart from these repaints and overhauls, 6562 has seen almost continuous service since.[9] By 2015 it was at Bewdley awaiting an overhaul which began following the completion of 650. It returned to service in July 2017.

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