GWR 650 Brake Third Open (Excursion)

GWR 650 Brake Third Open (Excursion)
650 at Arley in 2015
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In use
Number 650
Other numbers W650, W650W
Built 1940
Designed By Charles Collett
Diagram D130
Lot 1644
Type BTO
Length 60ft 11¼in
Weight 30t 5cwt
Seats 40 third
1989 Entered preservation
2015 Restoration completed


GWR Brake Third Open (BTO) No 650 was designed by CB Collett and built in April 1940 as lot number 1644 to diagram D130. The GWR generally favoured corridor carriages with compartments, using open carriages only for dining cars. However 650 is a rare survivor from around 6 short open sets built between 1936 and 1940.


650 in preservation

650 was purchased as a grounded body in 1989 from Kerne Bridge where it was in use as a dormitory for the Gloucester Boys Club. It was initially moved to the British Sugar Corporation's sidings beside the SVR at Foley Park in March 1990, and moved to the SVR in March 2000 for eventual restoration.[1]

Restoration of 650 was completed in October 2015, after painting in Bewdley paint shop into GWR 1934-42 livery featuring the ‘shirt-button’ roundel before being moved to Kidderminster for final mechanical work to the dynamo and vacuum braking system.[2]

650 returned to service as part of a special train on 11 October 2015. In November 2015 it was allocated to Set S, the Severn Valley Limited dining set.


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