GWR 60562 Ballast Wagon

GWR 60562 Ballast Wagon
GWR 60562 Ballast Wagon.jpg
GWR 60562 Ballast Wagon
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Stored
Number 60562
Other Numbers DW 150262
Built 1900
Diagram P2
Lot 261
Type 4-wheel ballast wagon
Capacity 14 tons
Telegraphic code none
1980 Entered preservation
1996 Arrived on the SVR

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GWR 60562 is 4-wheel ballast wagon. It has a capacity of 14 tons (12 cubic yards) and is fitted with three drop-down doors per side, each 6ft 8in in length and 2ft 2½ in high. The underframe is 20ft over headstocks. When built it was fitted with Thomas brakes,[1] an early form of braking operated by turning a crank on each side of the wagon – clockwise on one side and anticlockwise on the other.[2]



60562 was built at Swindon in 1900 to Diagram P2, Lot 261.[3] Construction of these wagons began in 1899 with more than 200 built by 1901. It was allocated to Henry Pooley and Sons, a company who serviced railway weighbridges and weighing machines. It was used to carry test weights and given the Departmental number DW 150262.[4]


60562 was acquired by the current owners The GWR 813 Preservation Fund in 1980.[5] It arrived on the SVR on 31 October 1996 from the Avon Valley Railway at Bitton, near Bristol. It is stored at the Stourport Triangle awaiting restoration.

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