GWR 6045 Bow-end Composite

GWR 6045 Bow-end Composite
6045 Exterior Dec2016.jpg
6045 Shewing new body panels on refurbished framework.
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 6045
Other numbers DW150293
Built 1928
Designed By Collett
Diagram E132
Lot 1382
Type CK
Length 57ft 4½in
Weight 31t 3cwt
Seats 24 first, 24 third
1962 To departmental service
1973 Preserved on SVR
2014 Restoration commenced
2020 Restoration completed


Partially restored first class compartment
GWR 6045 is a 57' Corridor Composite (CK) carriage, having four first class compartments to seat 24 passengers and three third class compartments also to seat 24 passengers. It was built in 1928 to Lot 1392, Diagram E132, an early Collett design having flush sides and bow ends. It also has toilets at each end and external doors to each compartment on the non-corridor side. It is the only survivor of 51 built.


6045 in departmental service

It was converted to a BTU Staff & Dormitory Coach in 1962 and saw Departmental use as No DW 150293.[1]

6045 in preservation

It arrived on the SVR on 6 January 1973 from Bristol, having been bought by the Great Western (SVR) Association. Since then it had been stored in various locations on the SVR, but moved to Bewdley Down Yard in 2014 for restoration to begin. Work began in earnest in 2015; progress on the restoration was shown on the Great Western (SVR) Association website. In October 2018 the coach moved to Carriage Repair Works at Kidderminster.

In January 2020 the GW(SVR)A announced plans for a launch train on Sunday 31 May 2020 to celebrate the entry of 6045 into service[2]. The restoration was completed in April 2020, although plans for the launch train were put on hold by the 2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic[3].

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