GWR 5883 Brake Third

GWR 5883 Brake Third
GWR Brake Third 5883.JPG
GWR 5883 Brake Third
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 5804
Other numbers 079135, 99230
Built 1934
Designed By Collett
Diagram D118
Lot 1514
Type BTK
Length 57ft 0in
Weight 29t 17cwt
Seats 32 third
1973 Preserved on SVR


5883 is a 57ft Corridor Brake Third (BTK) with seating for 32 passengers in 4 compartments, in addition to a large luggage compartment and Guards compartment. It was designed by CB Collett, the CME of the GWR, and built in 1934. Earlier GWR coaches were notable for their bow-ended design, but Collett discontinued this feature in 1933.

5833 was bought by the The Great Western (SVR) Association arriving on 6 April 1973 from Briton Ferry in South Wales, where it had been in use as an engineers vehicle. Following restoration, it entered service in 1976, when for a time it was used as part of the GWR rake of carriages used on the main line as well as on the SVR itself. Actress Joan Hickson travelled in one of the compartments during filming of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: 4:50 from Paddington in 1987.[1]

5883 underwent an overhaul in 1991-92 and again in 2004.[1] During a later overhaul it was one of the first SVR coaches to have the seating renewed with reproduction GWR-pattern upholstery.

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