GWR 58725 Improvised Gunpowder Van

GWR 58725 Improvised Gunpowder Van
GWR 58725 20160504.jpg
GWR 58725 Improvised Gunpowder Van
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Operational
Number 58725
Other Numbers W 204988
Built 1896
Diagram V6
Lot 117
Type 4-wheel ventilated van
Capacity 10 tons
Telegraphic code CONE
1977 Arrived on SVR
1985 GWR 150 main line appearance

Goods Wagons

58725 was originally built at Swindon as an ‘Iron Mink’ general merchandise van in 1896 to Diagram V6, Lot 117.[1] It was converted to an Improvised Gunpowder Van (telegraph code CONE) and loaned to the Southern Railway in 1938. Modifications included the blocking of the vents at each end. It was reconverted back to a standard goods van upon its return to the GWR in 1945. The wagon also saw service with the Longmoor Military Railway and post-war with BR(W).[2]



58725 arrived on the SVR in April 1977 from Cashmores at Great Bridge, carrying the BR(W) number W 204988.[3] Evidence of its SR livery was discovered during restoration in 1980,[2] which mainly involved the replacement of a quantity of defective steelwork and the return of the van to a CONE in black livery with a red cross.[4]

In 1985, 58725 appeared on the main line when it was used in the GW 150 demonstration freight train which ran to Newport behind GWR freight loco 2857.[5]

58725 received further repaints as a CONE in 1997[6] and 2011 (roof only).[7] It was most recently overhauled and repainted as a gunpowder van during 2015, the work mainly involving new door lintels and replacement of the steel panels on two doors.[8]. The main picture shows the van at Highley shortly after that overhaul.

58725 is owned by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund.

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