GWR 5600 Class 5643

GWR 5600 Class 5643
Built By GWR Swindon Works
Configuration 0-6-2T
Power class 5MT
Status Out of traffic
Loco Number 5643
Built 1925
Designed By Charles Collett
Type GWR 5600
1963 Withdrawn from traffic
1971 Left Barry
2005 Restored to traffic
Weight 69t 7cwt
Tractive effort 25,800 lb
Pressure 200 lb/sq in

Steam Locomotives

A brief description of the 5600 Class is included in GWR 5600 class 6634.


5643 in service

5643 was built at Swindon in October 1925 to lot number 228.[1] It spent its entire working life in South Wales, being withdrawn from Barry Shed in July 1963, moving the short distance to Barry Scrapyard in November.

5643 in preservation

5643 left Barry in September 1971, the 16th locomotive to do so.[2] The locomotive is now owned by the Furness Railway Trust, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation now based at the Ribble Steam Railway in Preston, and is described by them as “The Trust's roving ambassador “.[3] 5643 first ran under its own steam in November 2005 and hauled its first passenger train in 43 years the following September. It has visited many preserved railways.[4]

5643 on the SVR

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