GWR 542 Horse Box (body only)

GWR 542 Horse Box (body only)
GW 542 20150426.jpg
GWR Horse Box 542, now Highley Station Fund shop
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Static use (body only)
Number 542
Built 1888
Diagram N4 (Coach diagram)
Lot 437
Type 4-w Horse Box (HBY)
1930 Condemned

Goods Wagons

GWR 4-wheeled horse box 542 was built at Swindon in 1888 to Coach Diagram N4, Lot 437. It was condemned August 1930 and the body subsequently grounded on Highley platform.[1] It was still in situ when the line was bought by SVR in 1970. It has remained in place since and is now used as a bookshop by the Highley Station Fund.

In 2020 the Presentation Committee was exploring options for saving and possibly restoring it[2]. Some preservation work has since been carried out as seen in the picture below.

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