GWR 39860 'Conflat' Container Wagon

GWR 39860 'Conflat' Container Wagon
GWR 39860 20180825.jpg
GWR 39860 'Conflat' Container Wagon
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Operational
Number 39860
Built 1935
Diagram H7
Lot 1188
Type 4-wheeled container flat
Capacity 12 tons
Telegraphic code CONFLAT
Brakes Vac fitted
1986 Arrived on SVR
1987 Overhauled
1990 Overhauled
2016-2018 Overhauled

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GWR 39860 'Conflat' Container Wagon carrying container BR 49408B

The GWR 'Conflat' was a flat wagon originally designed to carry interchangeable wooden containers, which were secured using chains kept in pockets on the side of the wagon.



Container Wagon 39860 was built at Swindon in 1935 to Diagram H7, Lot 1188. It has a 10ft wheelbase and a 12 ton capacity.[1]

It last saw service at Swindon Works where it was used for transporting diesel motors to and from depots[2].


39860 is thought to be unique, being the only surviving 'Conflat' wagon. It arrived on the SVR from Swindon on 15 December 1986 having been acquired by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund.[2]

It was found to be in good condition when selected for restoration at Bewdley in April 1987, requiring relatively little work before entering traffic. The work done included the removal of ironmongery and a toolbox associated with its use by BR, partial re-timbering of the floor, new chain pockets, lids and securing hooks. The non-GWR buffing gear and axle boxes were left for the time being, and the wagon was repainted and lettered in GWR livery.[3]

39860 was used in filming Oh, Doctor Beeching! at Arley in 1996.

The container mounted on the Conflat in the photograph is No 49408B, which was unfortunately burnt out in September 2013 in an apparent arson attack while the wagon was stored in the Tenbury Siding north of Bewdley. In 2014 the wagon was brought into the yard at Bewdley awaiting overhaul by the Wagon Department.[4][5] During 2015 the floor was removed in order to stop the badly decayed wood damaging the frames. Work finally began in summer 2016 when members of The Junior Club carried out some preparation and priming. [6] The outdoor overhaul continued through 2017 as weather allowed, with the curb rails, floor and chain pockets being replaced.[7] Work on the brakes and signwriting were completed during 2018 with the wagon being complete and ready for service in July 2018.[8]

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