GWR 3930 Full Third

GWR 3930 Full Third
GWR 3930 20150320.jpg
GWR 3930 Full Third (2015)
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 3930
Other numbers DW 150011
Built 1915
Designed By Churchward
Diagram C32
Lot 1246
Type TK
Length 56ft 11¼in
Weight 28t 4cwt
1967 Entered preservation on SVR
2007 Restoration completed


GWR Corridor Third (CK) 3930 is a Churchward design incorporating the later developments of the ‘toplights’ era. Unusually, 3930 made extensive use of sheet steel rather than traditional timber for interior and exterior panelling. It was also fitted with “Fishbelly” 9 ft bogies, which were lighter than the traditional “American” type.[1]



3930 was built at Swindon in May 1915 as lot number 1246 to diagram C32.[2] The 56/57ft stock such as 3930 was used on ‘second string’ passenger expresses and cross country services for which the contemporaneous 70ft toplights (mainly used on services out of Paddington) were not suitable.[3]

After ending passenger service, 3930 saw Departmental use as a mess / sleeping van number DW 150011. Three of the eight compartments and a toilet were removed to create the mess area, the other five compartments were retained as dormitories. Its final use in this role was at Barry.[4]


3930 was purchased by The Great Western (SVR) Association from Barry on 29 November 1967. Some limited restoration work was carried out in the late 1960s, including replacing the missing compartments and repairing the frame work and end panelling. A temporary coat of paint and lettering was applied so that 3930 could be used in filming The Signalman in 1976.[4]

It was stored at Highley for some years before being moved to Bewdley in early 1986 for major repairs.[5] This became a major restoration to a high standard which ended in late 1996,[6] including finishing in a GWR 1922-27 livery featuring the ‘garter crest’ logo. In 1994 an SVRA raffle helped fund the costs of the re-upholstery which was approximately £5,000.[7]

It received an external repaint in 2007[8] It is normally used in the 'Toplights' set.


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