GWR 37150 Covered Goods Van (body only)

GWR 37150 Covered Goods Van (body only)
GWR 37150 20150411.jpg
GWR 37150
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Static use (body only)
Number 37150
Built 1892
Type 4-w non-ventilated van
2014 Arrived on the SVR

Goods Wagons

The grounded body of this GWR outside wooden framed 'Mink' Covered Goods Van can be seen on the bay platform at Kidderminster, having previously been located at the West Somerset Railway. It was built circa 1892 at Swindon.[1]

Since arrival at the SVR the van body was cosmetically restored in the compound opposite Kidderminster signal box, with the assistance of the Friends of Kidderminster Town Station. The Friends project page notes that although grounded van bodies were normally painted black, 37150 has been painted in GWR brown with the agreement of the owners in order to highlight its original identity.

The van body is owned by the GWR 813 Preservation Fund.[2]

To move the van body it had to cross London Midland’s car park, and they wanted a full risk assessment beforehand. The 813 Fund persuaded their haulier, Haynes Transport of Pershore, to put together such a document for this operation and so the restored van body was finally craned from the car park compound onto its specially prepared brick foundations in the dock platform, on 18 February 2014[3].

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