GWR 261 Toplight 'Snake C' Passenger Brake

GWR 261 Toplight 'Snake C' Passenger Brake
GWR Churchward 57 Passenger Brake No.261 (7047804459).jpg
GWR toplight 'Snake C' Passenger Brake 261
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Static use
Number 261
Other numbers W261, W261W
Built 1922
Designed By Churchward
Diagram K22
Lot 1281
Type Snake C, BG
Length 56ft 11¼in
Seats None
1982 Entered preservation
1996 Arrived on SVR


GWR Churchward toplight 'Snake C' Passenger Brake (BG) No 261 was built in 1922. Sister 1145 is also on the SVR. Accommodation consisted of a guard’s compartment situated between two luggage vans, with a corridor along one side to allow passengers to pass through.

It was first preserved in 1982 by the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway for potential use as a catering vehicle. It moved to the SVR, arriving on 19 March 1996, and was then privately owned. It is now situated adjacent to Highley signal box, where it is used for temporary overnight accommodation.

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