GWR 2242 Corridor Brake Third

GWR 2242 Corridor Brake Third
Built By Metro Cammell for BR(W)
Status Restoration
Number 2242
Other numbers W2242W, DW 150391
Built 1950
Designed By Hawksworth
Diagram D133
Lot 1744
Type BTK
Length 64ft 0in
Weight 31t 2cwt
Seats 32 third
1966 To Departmental service
1982 Preserved
2019 Acquired by the GW(SVR)A
2020 Restoration commenced


Corridor Brake Third (BTK) 2242 is a GWR Hawksworth design.



It was ordered by the GWR before nationalisation but built for BR(W) by Metro Cammell in 1950 as Lot 1744 to Diagram D133. As built it had four third class compartments seating 32, with one toilet.

The coach was initially used on express services from London and the West Midlands to Wales, the South and West of England including named services such as the Cambrian Coast Express and Bristolian. As BR Mk 1 stock proliferated, it was transferred onto cross country services, before being withdrawn from passenger use in January 1966.[1]

In October 1966 it was renumbered DW 150391, having been converted to a Departmental vehicle for use as a mess / tool van, permanently coupled to a Plasser-Theurer ballast cleaning machine. It was withdrawn from service by BR at Cardiff Cathays in 1982[2][3].


2242 was acquired by the late Dennis Howells in December 1982 and moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in January 1983.[2]

Following Denis’s sad passing, it was offered for sale in summer 2019. An offer from the Great Western (SVR) Association was accepted in October 2019 and the coach was moved to the SVR on 29 October, requiring 4 to 6 months' work to complete its restoration.[4] Confirming the purchase, the GW(SVR)A's January 2020 Newsletter noted that "We already own two Hawksworth Full Thirds (829 and 2119) but lack a matching brake vehicle to enable a set to be formed to this distinctive profile. It will also fulfil a particular need on the Severn Valley Railway being able to form a large brake in Great Western Set 2 releasing Collett Brake 5883 for Great Western Set 1".[1]

In April 2020, following the completion of the restoration of GWR 6045 Bow-end Composite, the GW(SVR)A Committee agreed to bring forward the mechanical works on 2242 to help the SVR to meet some of the costs of two of the full time carriage staff during the 2020 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. A consequence was that the Association would need to fund an estimated cost of £15,000.[5] The Association applied to the SVR Charitable Trust, which in August 2020 granted £12,000 for the work.[6]

2242 is a sister vehicle to SVR(H)'s 2233, which is used as static accommodation at Bewdley, and to four other examples formerly resident on the SVR.

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