GWR 2119 Full Third

GWR 2119 Full Third
GWR 2119 20200808.jpg
2119 in Bewdley Yard, August 2020
Built By GRCW Gloucester
Status Overhaul
Number 2119
Other numbers W2119W, 99239
Built 1949
Designed By Hawksworth
Diagram C82
Lot 1720
Type TK
Length 64ft 0in
Weight 31t 14cwt
Seats 64 third
1968 Entered preservation on SVR


GWR Hawksworth Corridor Third (TK) No 2119 was ordered by the GWR before nationalisation, but completed on behalf of BR(W) by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Works in April 1949 as lot no 1720 to diagram C82. 2119 has the characteristic Hawksworth sloping ended roof profile and 64ft length. It seats the normal 64 passengers in 8 compartments, but had an oak interior rather than the more usual mahogany. There is a toilet in the cross-vestibule at each end. There are also two central doors per side, those on the compartment side being in the third and sixth compartments[1].



2119 was purchased direct from passenger service, arriving on the SVR from Didcot on 28 August 1968 and receiving full GWR livery in 1979.[2] It was also used as part of the SVR's GWR main line set, for which it was allocated TOPS number 99239,[3] as well as on the SVR itself.

In October 2017, 2119 was moved outside the joinery shop at Bewdley for a long overdue overhaul to begin, the vehicle having been in store for about thirty years.[4][5] There was no significant progress in early 2019 with priority being given to the major repair of GWR 9615 Kitchen Diner First; the next task on 2119 being the planned removal of the floor during the summer.[6] It is owned by The Great Western (SVR) Association.

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