GWR 162 Riding/Dormitory Van

GWR 162 Riding/Dormitory Van
GWR 162 20150320.jpg
GWR Riding and Dormitory Van 162]
Built By GWR Swindon
Status Static use
Number 162
Other Numbers DW 162
Built 1923
Type Engineers vehicle
Telegraphic code None
Brakes Vac fitted
1976 Preserved on SVR

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162 is a GWR 4-wheel Riding and Dormitory Van. In service these ran paired with 6-wheel Tool vans such as GWR 66, and were stationed at GWR loco sheds. The Tool and Riding Van pairs would be required to attend mishaps as fast as possible and were vacuum-braked to allow running at near express speeds. The riding vans were gas lit and had stoves for heating and cooking while on site.[1] As Engineers' vehicles, they were not allocated a telegraphic code.


Service and preservation

162 was built at Swindon in 1923.[2] It arrived on the SVR from Ashchurch on 23 April 1976. Ownership in the 1998 SVR stock book was recorded as Erlestoke Manor Fund Trustee; the Erlestoke Manor Fund newsletter for March 2002 referred to Bob Marrows' ex GWR Permanent way van, much in use for painting and storing our small fittings.[1][3]

162 and another riding van, GWR 9, are both located in Bewdley Down Yard behind the 'tent' under which 4150 is being restored.

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