GWR 118 Tool/Riding Van

GWR 118 Tool/Riding Van
GW 118 GarethPrice.jpg
GWR 118 (Gareth Price)
Built By GWR Swindon
Number 118
Other Numbers DW 118[1]
Built 1904
Type 4-w riding/dormitory van
Telegraphic code n/a
1968 Arrived on SVR

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GWR Tool/Riding Van No 118 was built at Swindon in 1904. It is the SVR's only example of a short-wheelbase riding van. It had sleeping space for 4 people and could seat up to 20.[2]

It arrived on the SVR on 4 May 1968 from Stourbridge where it had been paired with GWR 112 Breakdown Tool Van which arrived at the same time.[2]

In November 2013 the Severn Valley Railway Association announced a plan to convert this riding van into a type of flexible family-friendly volunteer overnight accommodation, and organised a raffle to raise funds for this.

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