GWR 112889 Mink 'G' Covered Goods Van

GWR 112889 Mink 'G' Covered Goods Van
GWR 112889 Mink 'G' Covered Goods Van.jpg
GWR 112889 Mink 'G' Covered Goods Van
Built By GWR Swindon
Status 1931
Number 112889
Built 1931
Diagram V22
Lot 1067
Type 4-w ventilated van
Capacity 20 tons
Telegraphic code MINK G
1993 Arrived on the SVR

Goods Wagons

The majority of short wheelbase goods vans such as the 'Mink A' had a 10 ton or 12 ton capacity, although the individual loads they carried rarely made use of this. In a bid to improve economy, the GWR built a number of ‘Mink G’ 30 foot covered goods wagons with a 20 ton capacity and a 19ft 6in wheelbase. They were used to transport consolidated batches of loads from goods depots on overnight shuttles.[1] They were fitted with Instanter couplings (an entry in the GWR Lot book states "Instanter decided by Mr Collett 22 October 1930") and due to their length had large-headed self-contained buffers to guard against buffer locking when negotiating curves.[2]

112889 was built at Swindon in 1931 to Diagram V22, Lot 1067.[2] It spent the last 29 years of its life at Thisk in Yorkshire, on Internal Use with the P.W. Department. It was acquired by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund in 1993, arriving on the SVR on 21 May 1993. After arrival it was quickly restored into the GWR livery it now carries[1].

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