GWR 1086 Full Third

GWR 1086 Full Third
GWR C77 TK 1086 at Bridgnorth.jpg
GWR 1086 Full Third
Built By GWR Swindon
Status In service
Number 1086
Other numbers W1086, W1096W, 079154, 99234
Built 1938
Designed By Collett
Diagram C77
Lot 1593
Type TK
Length 60ft 11¼in
Weight 31t 9cwt
Seats 64 third
1969 Entered preservation on SVR


1086 is one of four 1938-built Collett Corridor Third (TK) coaches on the SVR, along with 1087, 1116 and 1146.



They were built at Swindon to Diagram C77 Lot 1593 and were classed as 'Excursion Stock', the GWR emphasising that such stock was for excursion and party hire traffic only and capable of having a meal service to every seat.[1]

After passenger service, 1086 was renumbered 079154 in 1965[2] and also 99234[3]. The former Internal User number signified Coaching stock within the Western Region that did not normally move or had its movements confined to a particular depot or yard. The latter number signifying hauled non-passenger carrying use; all four of the SVR TKs formed part of the Swindon GWR test train which was used for load testing of diesel locomotives.


The entire 9-coach test train was sold into preservation in 1969, with the four coaches being bought for the SVR and arriving on 19 December. All four Full Thirds were restored between 1970 and 1973, and saw service on SVR excursions on the main line as well as on the SVR itself. The coach was also used in Carlton's 'Goodnight Mister Tom' programme in 1998 along with two other Great western coaches .

1087 is in service and is normally used in set GW. It is finished in GWR 1934-42 livery featuring the ‘shirt-button’ roundel, and is owned by a Great Western (SVR) Association member[4].

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