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London Weekend Television produced two series of of the TV comedy "Doctor in Charge", first broadcast on ITV in 1972 and 1973. Based on the books by Richard Gordon, they formed a sequel to the 1971 series "Doctor at Large".[1]

Doctor in Charge series 1, episode 14, "Honeymoon Special" featured a scene in which two of the Doctors’ cars become stuck on a level crossing. While trying to resolve the situation, Doctor Bingham (Richard O'Sullivan) ends up with his plastered foot trapped under the rails as a train approaches.

Filming by London Weekend Television took place in June 1972 at Waterworks Crossing, which was 'upgraded' for the occasion by the installation of dummy automatic lifting barriers and a second track made of wood. Railcar 22 was the vehicle used.[2] The complete 25 minute episode is available to watch on YouTube; the level crossing sequence being at around 20 minutes.

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