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A train approaching Kidderminster crosses the points leading to the adjacent Network Rail track
A convoy of diesel locomotives crossing from Network Rail to the SVRSevern Valley Railway

A short length of track just outside Kidderminster terminus allows the through running of trains between the SVRSevern Valley Railway and Network Rail.

The connection was upgraded by the SVRSevern Valley Railway in August 2012, to coincide with a Network Rail upgrade of signalling on the adjacent main line. Signalling of movements through the crossing is now controlled by the West Midlands Signalling Centre (WMSC) at Saltley in conjunction with the SVRSevern Valley Railway's Kidderminster signal box. A discussion thread on the SVRSevern Valley Railway-Online Forum included many pictures of the work being carried out. The alterations now allow both ingress and egress of passenger carrying trains to the SVRSevern Valley Railway.

The upgrade work included the first ever installation of a colour light signal on the SVRSevern Valley Railway. It is jointly operated by the SVRSevern Valley Railway signal box and by WMSC, and controls movements onto Network Rail or into the carriage workshop sidings.

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