Coalyard Miniature Railway

View of the railway from the station
A train on the dual gauge track in 1997

The Coalyard Miniature Railway is operated by the Coalyard Miniature Railway Model Engineering Society and is a 7¼" gauge passenger carrying railway, running parallel to the SVR main line at Kidderminster Station for approximately 500 yards from the station itself to the adjacent car park. It operates on most weekends when the SVR is open.

Originally built in 1988 to dual 5" & 3½" gauge, it was relaid to 7¼" gauge in 1990. The railway was partly relaid to dual 7¼" & 5" gauge in 1996, reverting back to single 7¼" gauge a couple of years later
The railway takes its name from the coal yard which operated alongside Kidderminster Station until 2004.


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