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Carriage type TSO signifies a Tourist Standard Open. The BR Mk 1 TSO has 8 bays with a centre walkway. The term 'Tourist' denotes that the seats are arranged 2+2, for a total capacity of 64 passengers.

BR also produced a limited number of Mk 1 Second Open (SO) carriages with 3 seats across, arranged 2+1 with an offset aisle, intended mainly for use as Third/Second/Standard class restaurant cars. The TSO was thus the 'normal' second class / standard class carriage.

Following the introduction of TOPS in the late 1960s, BR carriages of this class were allocated the TOPS code AC21, denoting:

A: Passenger carrying stock
D: Gangwayed open (2+2 seating)
2: Second (later standard) class
1: BR Mark 1 carriage

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