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Carriage type RMB designates a BR Mark 1 Restaurant Miniature Buffet, a coach designed to provide light snacks and refreshments, being staffed by only one attendant in service. The coach seats 44 passengers at 11 tables, and also has bench seats opposite the serving area which occupies two full bays. Another bay on the same side of the coach as the buffet counter, but on the other side of the centre vestibule, is taken up by a store cupboard.

Following the introduction of TOPS in the late 1960s, BR carriages of this class were allocated the TOPS code AN21, denoting:

A: Passenger carrying stock
N: Miniature Buffet or self service
2: Second, later standard class
1: BR Mark 1 carriage

The SVR has three RMBs which normally see use as the buffet cars in Set C (BR Mk1's in Crimson & Cream), Set M (BR Mk1's in Maroon) and Set GW2 (GWR later period (1938 to 1947) in GWR Chocolate & Cream), each being painted in the appropriate livery. The LMS and LNER sets use pre-war stock as a buffet car.

Some examples including 1856 were refurbished during service, the improvements including the installation of fluorescent lighting.


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