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Carriage type BSK (Brake Second Corridor) designates a carriage with a Guard's compartment (with a large luggage area), together with second (later standard) class passenger compartments accessed from a corridor.

Following the introduction of TOPS in the late 1960s, BR carriages of this class were allocated the TOPS code AB21, denoting:

A: Passenger carrying stock
B: Gangwayed corridor brake
2: Second (later standard) class
1: BR Mark 1 carriage

The SVR is home to five BR-built BSK carriages, although only 34562 and 35315 remain in 'as-built' condition.

  • 34606 was transferred into Departmental use as a BTU Tool & Generator van and since preservation has been further converted with roller shutter doors for use in conjunction with the Santa services
  • 34754 was converted for Departmental use as a breakdown mess & tool van
  • 35315 was converted for use as a Courier Van by BR in the 1980s.

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