Barry Railway Carriage 163

Barry Railway Carriage 163
Barry 163 20180325.jpg
Barry Railway Carriage 163
Built By Ashbury’s of Manchester
Status Under restoration
Number 163
Other numbers 15, 6058
Built 1895
Type CZ (as built)
1928 Withdrawn
1992 Entered preservation


Barry Railway Carriage 163 was built in 1895 by Ashbury’s of Manchester for the Barry Railway in South Wales, where it was originally numbered 15 and later 163. It is a composite carriage having two first class and three second class compartments and when built it was mounted on a 6-wheeled underframe.[1]


Barry Railway Carriage 163 in service

The Barry Railway became part of the GWR in April 1922, which saw 163 re-numbered as GWR 6058. The coach continued in use for a further 6 years before being withdrawn from service by the GWR in 1928 as more modern carriages came into use.

Barry Railway Carriage 163 in preservation

Following withdrawal, the coach body and that of sister coach 164 were used as a holiday home in the Clent Hills until 1992. 163 was then rescued for restoration, arriving at Hampton Loade on 25 April 1992[2] along with parts from 164 which had already been broken up. The carriage was sited in the goods yard on an isolated section of track. A partial tent was later erected.

The carriage body is now mounted on the 4-wheeled underframe of an ex-SR Guards and Luggage van (type BY), built at Eastleigh in 1937 and originally numbered C 436, later numbered ADB975140 for departmental use by BR. This was initially preserved in 1994 at the Gwili Railway, but the body was later scrapped and the underframe acquired and moved to Hampton Loade on 24 February 2001 as a donor for 163. After the underframe was shortened, the body of 163 was mounted on it on 16 August 2003 with the aid of the Bridgnorth steam crane.

The Barry Railway Carriage Trust was formed in 2009 to complete the restoration. In addition to being mounted on the donor underframe, the carriage's internal partitions have been reinstated and much of the bodywork repaired. The Trust's aim was to get 163 into traffic in time for its 125th birthday in 2020, but this was missed.[3]

The carriage is one of the items to look out for in the childrens ‘I-spy’ supplement to the SVR’s From The Window booklet.

In April 2022 the owning Trust announced that they and the Railway had agreed that 163 will leave the SVR.[4] In October the Trust announced it will move to the Gwili Railway: transport from Hampton Loade by rail and then road to Wales and the Trust are waiting for a date from the SVR for when this will happen.[5]

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