BR Standard 9F 92212

BR Standard 9F 92212
92212 at Bridgnorth
Built By BR Swindon
Configuration 2-10-0
BR rating 9F
Loco Number 92212
Built 1959
Designed By RA Riddles
Type BR Standard 9F
1965 Withdrawn
Length 66ft 2"
Weight 139.2 long tons
Tractive effort 39,667 lb
Pressure 250 lb/sq in

Steam Locomotives

92212 spent periods on hire to the SVR during 2000-2001 and again in summer/autumn 2011.

It is a British Railways Standard Class 9F 2-10-0 locomotive, one of the final batch of steam locomotives built by British Railways at Swindon Works. The 9F class was the last of the BR Standard classes designed by RA Riddles. One of the most powerful steam locomotive types ever constructed in Britain, their size and shape earned them the nickname 'Spaceships'. They were intended for use on fast, heavy freight trains over long distances, although they were also used successfully on passenger services, in particular on the Somerset and Dorset Railway[1].



92212 entered service at Banbury on 30 September 1959. In June 1961 it was reallocated to Bath Green Park, from where it worked on the Somerset & Dorset line. Another allocation to Tyseley depot in Birmingham followed in July 1962 with a final move to Carnforth in November 1966. It was withdrawn from there in January 1968 after 8 years 4 months in service[2].


Following withdrawal, the loco was bought by Woodham Bros at Barry, arriving in September 1968.[3] In 1976 a group of prospective owners, the “9F Locomotive Society”, made a request to bring 92212 to the SVR if the Society was successful in acquiring the engine; the SVR’s Rolling Stock Committee agreed to this request[4]. However when the loco left Barry in September 1979, it was for restoration on the Great Central Railway. That restoration was completed in 1996.[3]

92212 is owned by Jeremy Hosking and operated by Locomotive Services Ltd trading as Icons of Steam[5].

92212 at the SVR

92212 was hired to the SVR in winter 2000/01 to help operate the Santa Special services, as the home fleet was at the time still recovering from the recent boiler crisis. It arrived by road on 21 November 2000[6] and left at the end of March 2001, having made an appearance at the Spring "Branch Line Gala Weekend" on 2-3 March 2001.[7]

92212 was hired again by the SVR in summer 2011, the home fleet being 'one short' at the time. It arrived in June 2011 and entered service after repairs to a broken spring. It left after appearing in the Autumn 2011 Steam Gala[8].

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