BR Riddles 4MT 80072

BR Riddles 4MT 80072
80072 20120102.jpg
80072 at Highley, January 2012
Built By BR Brighton Works
Configuration 2-6-4T
BR rating 4MT
Status Non-resident
Loco Number 80072
Built 1953
Designed By Robert Riddles
Type BR Standard 4MT Tank
Length 60ft 0"
Weight 67t 18cwt
Tractive effort 25,515 lb
Pressure 225 lb/sq in

Steam Locomotives

80072 is a BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4T tank engine designed by R.A. Riddles. The Class 4 tank engine was derived from the ex-LMS Fairburn 2-6-4T, and was used mainly on commuter and outer suburban services. A total of 155 were built, of which 15 have survived into preservation. Her sister, 80079 is an SVR resident and a brief history of the class on the SVR can be found on that page.

This very useful engine is based at the Llangollen Railway and is owned by 80072 Steam Locomotive Co Ltd. She has visited the SVR many times in preservation.

​ In addition 80072 is a rarity, an engine that worked over the SVR in service before being preserved. She was photographed on the line on three occasions during the very cold winter of 1962-63 (whilst allocated to Swansea East Dock, 87D).[1] It featured at the beginning of the acclaimed 1963 short film Snow.[2] Images can be found in the Sellick Collection

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