BR Brake Corridor Composite 21249

BR Brake Corridor Composite 21249 at Bewdley in 2015

Brake Corridor Composite 21249 was built at Swindon in 1961. A description of the type can be found on the page for sister BCK vehicle 21254, which resides on the SVR.

After mainline service, 21249 had a spell in the departmental fleet before preservation in 1981 as part of the SLOA set. It subsequently had spells with Pullman Rail, the Lavender Line, Telford Steam Railway and GCR (Nottingham).

It was rebuilt in 2008, and is now owned by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust. It is used as one of their two mainline support coaches for LNER-design A1 class 60163 Tornado. It accompanied Tornado on visits to the SVR in October 2015, September and November 2016, March 2018 and November 2019.

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