BR 9220 Brake Standard Open

BR 9220 Brake Standard Open
BR 9220 20190720.jpg
BR Brake Standard Open 9220
Built By BR Doncaster
Status In service
Number E9220
Livery BR Crimson & Cream
Other numbers M9220
Built 1955
Diagram 183
Lot 30170
Type BSO
TOPS code AE21
Seats 39 standard
1973 Preserved on SVR


9220 is a BR Mark 1 Brake Standard Open (BSO). Seating capacity is reduced from 64 passengers in the normal ‘Open Second’ to 39 passengers, by provision of a Guard’s compartment and luggage compartment.


Service and preservation

9220 was built at Doncaster in 1955 to diagram number 183 (AE201), It began life in BR's Eastern Region but later moved to the Midlands Region in October 1968.[1]

9220 arrived on the SVR on 12 February 1973 from Leicester, where it had been where it was in use as a guards training vehicle.[2][3] It received a full overhaul at Bridgnorth after arrival, and is now in Crimson and Cream livery.

9220 is seen below photographed at Bewdley in April 2015. It has been owned by the SVR Charitable Trust since 2007.[3]

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