BR 906825 Flat ED

BR 906825 Flat ED
Built By BR Shildon
Status Operational
Number B 906825
Built 1958
Diagram 2/072
Lot 3123
Type 4 wheel flat wagon
Capacity 12 tons
Telegraphic code FLAT ED
Brakes Vac fitted
1975 Arrived on SVR

Goods Wagons

Special Flat Wagon B 906825 (type "FLAT ED") was built by BR at Shildon in 1958. The 4-wheeled Flat ED was the smallest of the 6 types of BR Flat wagons with a capacity of just 12 tons, and was similar in appearance to the former LMS Deal truck. A total of 32 were built.[1] These wagons were intended to transport large bulky loads, and were equipped with a flat timber floor and chaining down rings.[2]

The SVR’s 3 Flat ED wagons, 906811, 906825 and 906830, were bought from BR by Universal Pictures and arrived on the SVR in July 1975, being used as mock carriages in the film The Seven-Per-Cent Solution. The Flat ED wagons are owned by SVR(H).[2]

The Railway Heritage Register Wagon Survey suggests that the SVR’s three Flat EDs are the only surviving examples of the 32 originally built.[3] A more detailed history of the three wagons may be found under 906811.

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