BR 906811 Flat ED

BR 906811 Flat ED
BR 906811 20150322.jpg
BR Flat ED 904811
Built By BR Shildon
Status In service
Number BR 906811
Built 1957
Diagram 2/072
Lot 3004
Type 4 wheel flat wagon
Telegraphic code FLAT ED
Brakes Vac fitted
1975 Arrived on SVR

Goods Wagons

Special Flat Wagon 906811 (telegraph type Flat ED) was built by BR at Shildon in 1957.[1] These wagons were intended to transport large bulky loads, and were equipped with a flat timber floor and chaining down rings.[2]



The SVR’s 3 Flat ED wagons were bought from BR by Universal Pictures for use in the making of the film The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, and arrived on the SVR from Kettering in July 1975. Two of the wagons were fitted with temporary wooden bodies to serve as mock carriages, while the third was used for film camera work. On completion of filming they became surplus to requirements and were acquired by SVR(H).[3]

The wagon’s original identities were unknown at the time of arrival and they were allocated the temporary SVR numbers 14191/2/3. They were also originally thought to be 'horse box underframes'.[3] Subsequent research revealed their true purpose and confirmed their identities as 906811, 906825 and 906830, although the most recent edition of the SVR Stock Book (June 1998) listed the third as 906930. It is not clear which temporary ID belonged to which wagon as now numbered.

Two of the Flat EDs, then numbered 14191 and 14192, formed part of the demonstration goods train which ran on the main line to Newport behind GWR 2857 as part of the 1985 GWR 150 celebrations. Being vacuum fitted, they proved useful in service on SVR engineering trains. All three were re-decked and repainted shortly before 1990.[4]

The main picture shows 906811 at Bridgnorth in March 2015.

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