BR 86105 General Utility Van

BR 86105 General Utility Van
BR 86105 20150315.jpg
BR GUV 86105
Built By Pressed Steel
Status Static use
Number M86105
Livery BR Maroon
Other numbers M93105
Built 1958
Diagram 811
Lot 30417
Type GUV
Seats None
1992 Arrived on SVR


86105 is a BR Mark 1 General Utility Van. These vehicles were built for use on express passenger services as well as parcels and freight trains, and were classed as Non Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock. The side doors allowed loading of containerised mail and parcels and newspapers. The GUVs were 'through piped' for use on steam heated services, although they were not themselves steam heated.[1]



BR General Utility Van (GUV) No 86105 was built by Pressed Steel in 1958 to Diagram 811 (NK501), Lot 30417. It initially carried the number M86105, being allocated to the Midland Region, before receiving a new number of M93105 as part of a general reorganisation of TOPS codes in December 1983. It was withdrawn from service in December 1992[2].


The SVR stock book states that the Van arrived from Radyr, Wales on 12 October 1992 (this precedes the withdrawal date given in Longworth). By 1999 it had been restored to 1958 maroon passenger livery and sited in Bewdley Cattle Dock where it was put to use as a sales coach by The Erlestoke Manor Fund. It continues in in use in this role and is seen painted in unlined BR Maroon livery.

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