BR 785130 'Vanfit' Covered Goods Van (body only)

BR 785130 'Vanfit' Covered Goods Van (body only)
BR 785130 20150402.jpg
Kidderminster Diesel Depot, B 785130 top right
Built By Pressed Steel
Status Static use (body only)
Number B 785130
Built 1961
Diagram 1/224
Lot 3398
Type 4-w ventilated goods van
Capacity 12 tons
Telegraphic code VANFIT
Brakes vacuum fitted (as built)

Goods Wagons

The grounded body of BR 'Vanfit' Covered Goods Van B 785130 can be seen in the top right hand corner of this photo of the Diesel Depot yard at Kidderminster. It was originally built by Pressed Steel in 1961 to Diagram 1/224 Lot 3398.[1]

The SVR also has a complete example of an earlier Vanfit, GWR 65620.

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