BR 4550 Tourist Standard Open

BR 4550 Tourist Standard Open
BR 4550 20150307.jpg
BR Tourist Standard Open 4550
Built By BR York
Status In service
Number E4550
Livery BR Maroon
Other numbers NE4550
Built 1956
Diagram 93
Lot 30243
Type TSO
TOPS code AC21
Seats 64 standard
1984 Preserved on SVR


4550 is a BR Mk 1 Tourist Second Open (TSO). The ‘Open Second’ seats 64 passengers at tables, with three cross-vestibules to enable speedier loading and unloading of passengers.


4550 in service

4545 was built at York in 1957 to diagram number 93 (AC204), lot number 30243. It went into service on the Eastern Region in March 1957, where it remained apart from a brief allocation to the Northeast region between September 1967 and January 1968.[1] It was eventually withdrawn from service at Heaton, Newcastle.[2]


4550 arrived on the SVR from Heaton on 6 December 1984.[3] It underwent a 2-year heavy overhaul at Bridgnorth in 1995, with another medium level repair at Kidderminster in 2003. The seat covers were renewed in 2001 using a moquette pattern originally produced for the standard Network South East interior.[4].

The photograph shows 4550 in service in March 2015 as part of the BR Maroon set. It was moved into the Kidderminster Carriage Works for attention in September 2016 in what turned out to be a major repair to one of the toilet floors, to doors and paintwork, which was completed in February 2017.

4550 is owned by The 75069 Fund.

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