BR 35219 Brake Corridor Second

BR 35219 Brake Corridor Second
BR 35219 20150320.jpg
BR Brake Corridor Second 35219
Built By BR Wolverton
Status In service
Number M35219
Livery BR Maroon
Other numbers M35219, 99850
Built 1958
Diagram 181
Lot 30427
Type BSK
TOPS code AB21
Seats 24 standard
1995 Arrived on SVR


The BR Mark 1 Brake Second Corridor (BSK) seats 24 passengers in 4 compartments. It has four passenger compartments with 24 seats in three a side formation, in addition to the guard's compartment and large luggage cage. The Guard's area which occupies around half the carriage.


35219 in service and preservation

35219 was built at Wolverton in 1958 to Diagram 181 (AB201), Lot 30427. It entered service in the London Midland region in 1958, remaining in service in that region until October 1975.[1]

35219 was preserved in 1976 at the Bulmers Railway Centre at Hereford, where it had been bought by the 6000 Locomotive Association for use as the main line support vehicle for preserved King Class GWR 4-6-0 No 6000 King George V. By 1988 it had received the number 99850, the '99' series being Private User vehicles.[1] It arrived arrived on the SVR from there in July 1995. By 2007 the exterior had been repaired and fully repainted, with the interior re-fitted to replicate the original 1950s condition.

It is normally used in 'Set M', the BR Maroon running set, and is now owned by the SVR Charitable Trust.

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