BR 1855 Restaurant Miniature Buffet

BR 1855 Restaurant Miniature Buffet
BR 1855 20150307.jpg
BR 1855 in 2015
Built By BR Wolverton
Status In use
Number SC1855
Livery BR Maroon
Other numbers E1855, M1855
Built 1961
Diagram 99
Lot 30670
Type RMB
TOPS code AN21
Seats 44 standard
1989 Arrived on SVR


The BR Mk 1 Restaurant Miniature Buffet coach (RMB) was designed to provide quick snacks, being staffed by only one attendant in service. The coach seats 44 passengers at tables, and also has bench seats opposite the serving area.


1855 in service and preservation

1855 was built at Wolverton in 1961 to diagram number 99 of lot number 30670. It entered service in February 1962 in BR's Eastern region, numbered E1855. The carriage later saw service in other regions as:

  • M1855 from June 1964 in the Midland region
  • SC1855 from 1977 in the Scottish region[1].

1855 arrived on the SVR in March 1983 from Inverness, having been purchased by the SVR (BR) Buffet Car Fund.[2] It was fully refurbished by 2006, and sees regular use as buffet car in the BR Maroon set.

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