BR 1682 Restaurant Buffet

BR 1682 Restaurant Buffet
BR 1682 20150307.jpg
BR Restaurant Buffet 1682
Built By Pressed Steel
Status In service
Number E1682
Livery BR Maroon
Built 1961
Diagram 24
Lot 30628
Type RB
TOPS code AJ41
Seats 23 unclassified (as built)
1981 Arrived on SVR


Unlike the Restaurant Miniature Buffet (RMB) carriage which was only intended to provide quick snacks, the Buffet Restaurant carriage included a full kitchen facility as well as a buffet counter. In regular service they were normally paired with an Open First to provide additional seating for diners, having 23 loose chairs themselves.



BR Mk 1 Buffet Restaurant carriage (RB) No 1682 was built in 1961 by Pressed Steel to diagram number 24 lot number 30628. As built it had a weight of 39 tons and was fitted with Commonwealth bogies. It carried the number E1682 throughout a working life spent on BR's Eastern Region and unlike the majority of the RBs, was never refurbished to become an RBR. It was withdrawn from service in October 1980[1].


1682 arrved on the SVR on 11 April 1981 from Thornton Fields Carriage Sidings in East London.[2] In 1989 it was re-painted into 1957 Maroon livery with black ends.[3]

In 2005 the SVRA raffle 'Carry on Noshing' raised around £10,000 towards the forthcoming 'C1' overhaul.[4] In late 2007 the carriage was sent to Rampart in Derby for renovation, using the proceeds from the sale of BR Mk 1 Buffet Car 1883.[5]

The photograph shows 1682 at Bridgnorth in March 2015, paired with First Open No 3103 for 'Severn Valley Venturer' catering use. It is owned by the SVR (BR) Buffet Car Fund.[2]

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