BR 16267 Composite Corridor

BR 16267 Composite Corridor
BR 16267 20150426.jpg
BR Corridor Composite 16267
Built By BR Derby
Status In service
Number SC16267
Other numbers 7267, SC16267
Built 1966
Diagram 126
Lot 30730
Type CK
Seats 24 first, 18 standard
1983 Preserved on SVR
1999 Fully refurbished


16267 is a BR Mark 1 Corridor Composite (CK) carriage. The term 'composite' refers to the use of more than one class of seating, in this case four first class compartments and three second class compartments. For the second class compartments, BR followed the seating plans used by the pre-nationalisation companies in each region, with LMR and ER carriages generally having seats with arm rests allowing six passengers per compartment while WR and SR carriages had no arm rests permitting 8 passengers per compartment[1].


16267 in service

16267 was built in 1963 at Derby to Diagram 126 (AA301), Lot 30730. It was the last Mk 1 CK built. It entered service in the Scottish region, later reallocated to the Eastern region in July 1966[2].

16267 in preservation

16267 was withdrawn from service in at Leeds in 1983, arriving on the SVR on 14 March of the same year. It received a full refurbishment in 1999. 16267 normally forms part of the BR Crimson & Cream set, but was photographed in March 2015 in the BR Maroon set. It is owned by the SVR Charitable Trust.

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