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BR 25771 Corridor Second

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25771 arrived on the SVR in September 1986 from London’s Old Oak Common, courtesy of the 75069 Fund. It was formerly part of the BR Maroon running set but has spent some time in Kidderminster Carriage Works, having been photographed there in 2007 for the Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey and in May 2015 on Facebook.
In 2015 it 25771 was thoroughly overhauled at Kidderminster Carriage works and outshopped in a later variant of BR maroon livery-that with maroon ends. Appropriately the interior is typical of latter day Mk 1, being clad with light grey patterned Formica. For the present its primary function is to replace vehicles under overhaul from Set Nthat are withdrawn in turn for overhaul, but once that programme is completed this very useful carriage is certain to quickly find other work. 
Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey<br>

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