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Cadbury's 346 Goods Van

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[[File: Cadburys346_20150320.jpg |thumb|300px|right| Cadbury’s Goods Van 346]]
The body of this all-steel covered van is mounted on an older frame of unknown origin. The van was formerly used at Cadbury’s factory at Moreton, Cheshire. It arrived on the SVR in the early 1970s, and was for a time painted in a fictitious SVR S&T Department livery numbered 8718.  It has now been restored into Cadbury’s livery. The photo by Gareth Price below shows the van before restoration.<gallery>File:PO_346_Gareth_Price.jpg</gallery>
These photos show similar wagons in use during a visit to Cadbury's Bournville factory by the Industrial Railway Society on 8th May 1976
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