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Tenbury Wall

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[[File:Tenbury wall steps.JPG|thumb|300px|right| Steps in the Tenbury Wall]]
"Tenbury Wall" is the name given to the retaining wall between the current SVR line and the trackbed of the former [[Tenbury Branch|Tenbury line]] as (the grassy area on the left in the first photograph) where they diverge north of [[Bewdley]]. Tenbury Wall is item SVR031* in the [[Wyre Forest District Council Local Heritage List]]. The asset is listed as a "Vermiculated stone retaining wall with access steps midway along length", the term 'vermiculated' meaning having a pattern of wandering or irregular lines (from the Latin vermiculus meaning "little worm", because the shapes resemble worms or worm tracks).<ref>[ Wikipedia]</ref> Item SVR032* in the Local Heritage List is also situated at the junction of the two lines, to the east of the SVR line (on the right travelling north towards [[Arley]]). It is described as a "Random stone wall 1861; appears completely rebuilt recently", and can be seen beyond the line in the photographs. ==References==<references />
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