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GWR 83831 Loco Coal Wagon

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additional info and history
[[File:GWR 83831 Loco Coal Wagon.jpg|thumb|300px|right|GWR 83831 Loco Coal Wagon]]
83831 was built at Swindon circa 1931-32 to Diagram N27, Lot 1084. It is one of thousands of 20 ton Coal Wagons (telegraphic code 'LOCO') which were a common sight on the coal stages at GWR loco sheds; many were also hired out to collieries to replace elderly wooden-framed wagons.
83831 was built later sold by BR(W) to the CEGB for use at the Carmarthen Bay Power Station. It was acquired from there in 1931. Owned 1985 by its present owners, [[The GWR 813 Preservation Fund]], arriving on the SVR in March of that year. It was totally rebuilt at Bewdley in 1986.<ref>SVR Stock Book 9th Edition<br/ref>
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