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Island platform canopy: add and change photos
File:Bewdley Station - - 1477635.jpg|Bewdley station from the footbridge, showing the island canopy
File:PGH Bewdley.jpg|An up train in platform 2 in April 1962 (PG Hindley)
File:SVR Bewdley station 05canopy 1.jpgJPG |Underside view of the canopy, showing the older timber frame on cast iron pillars closest, with two different methods of constructionFile:Bewdley canopy 2.JPG | Underside view of the later steel frame in canopy showing the distancetwo different methods of construction
File:Bewdley station clock.jpg|Bewdley station clock, installed in 1977 ex Stourbridge Junction Station
File: Bewdley_Canopy_20150528.jpg | The canopy was refurbished using materials from the old Snow Hill station.

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