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Elan Valley Aqueduct

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After crossing the aqueduct, the pipes run through a chamber underneath the railway. In the [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 2010-2019#2015 | winter of 2014-2015]] three of these pipes were replaced in a major project initiated by Severn Trent Water; this required the line to lifted and replaced.
Water from the Aqueduct is now used to supply the towns of Mamble and Tenbury as well as the City of Birmingham. At times of peak demand the supply is supplemented by water from nearby [[Trimpley Reservoirs & Waterworks | Trimpley Reservoir]]<ref>[*/tab/about/ Severn Trent Water] (Retrieved 4 December 2015)</ref>
File: Pipes_20150528.jpg | Some of the old pipes alongside the railway following replacement
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