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Elan Valley Aqueduct

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[[ |thumb|300px|right| Elan Valley Aqueduct seen from the SVR (Wikimedia Commons)]]
[[File:River_Severn, |thumb|300px|right| Elan Valley Aqueduct from the opposite bank (Wikimedia Commons)]]

The Elan Valley aqueduct crosses the River Severn near [[Folly Point]] between [[Bewdley]] and [[Arley]]. The pipes it carries are part of a network installed in the early 1900s to bring water from the Elan Valley in Wales to the city of Birmingham.

After crossing the aqueduct, the pipes run through a chamber underneath the railway. In the [[Severn Valley Railway Timeline 2010-2019#2015 | winter of 2014-2015]] three of these pipes were replaced in a major project initiated by Severn Trent Water; this required the line to lifted and replaced.

File: Pipes_20150528.jpg | Some of the old pipes alongside the railway following replacement

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