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Stourport station was officially renamed 'Stourport-on-Severn' in 1934, possibly to avoid confusion with nearby Stourbridge.
The Shropshire & Worcestershire Electric Power Co built a [[Stourport Power Station | power station]] at Stourport after the First World War. However a direct rail connection to the Severn Valley Railway was only opened in 1940, coal deliveries before then being mainly via the River Severn or the [[Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal]]. Once opened, the rail connection remained until January 1981, prolonging the life of the southern end of the Severn Valley Railway.
The extract from Ordnance Survey Map SO87, surveyed 1938 - 1949, published 1951, shows the branch line between Stourport Power Station (bottom) and Stourport Station (marked ‘Sta’). The line continues northwards towards Burlish Halt (top).

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