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GWR Pannier 1501

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Info on early move to the SVR
==1501 in preservation==
1501 came to In Autumn 1970 all three 1500 class locomotives were acquired from Coventry Colliery for use on the SVR . 1501 was initially moved from Coventry to Tyseley for wheel turning, before a further move to Bewdley, both moves being by rail behind a diesel. During the NCB in November 1970latter move, excessive speed caused damage to one of 1501’s axle boxes. The other two NCB locos (1502 and 1509) were used as a source of parts for restoring 1501; the remains were then scrapped.
In service on the SVR, 1501 has proved a powerful locomotive for its size, acquiring the nickname “the raging bull”. The locomotive is owned by the [[15xx Pannier Trust]].
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