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==Forthcoming special events==
*72-8 May Model Railway Weekend *5 June [ 19-22 May Spring Diesel Festival]. Visiting locomotives (Class 67 previously advertised now unable to attend)::*'''D6515 Lt Jenny Lewis RN''' (33012): BRCW Class 33 Bo-Bo:*'''D4 Great Gable''' (44004): BR Class 44 1 Co-Co 1:*'''D182''' (46045): BR Class 46 1Co-Co1:*'''68003 Astute''': Vossloh Class 68 Bo-Bo courtesy of Direct Rail Services:*'''69005 Eastleigh''': BR Class 69 Coplatinum-Co courtesy of GB Railfreight:*'''73107 Tracy''': E.E. Class 73jubilee/1 Bo-Bo courtesy of GB Railfreight:*Queen'''73136 Mhairi''': E.E. Class 73/1 Bo-Bo courtesy of GB Railfreight*2-5 June s Platinum Jubilee event]*23 July [ queensbatonrelay Birmingham 2022 Queen's Baton Relay visits the SVR]
*23-24 July Day of Dance
*6-7 August [ Vintage Transport Weekend ]
*20-21 August Food & Drink Fayre
*8-10 September Bridgnorth Beer Festival
*15-18 September [[Autumn Steam Gala]]
*24-25 September [ Model Railway Weekend ]
*29 September - 2 October Autumn Diesel Bash
*22-23 October Frost Fayre (Christmas gifts)
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